Fishdom Harvest Splash


Create your own underwater park and then play in it


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Fishdom Harvest Splash is a puzzle game in which your goal is to make all of the golden boxes in a huge aquatic panel disappear by forming groups of three or more identical pieces. A gameplay that’s basically very similar to the Candy Crush Saga, only without having to ask your friends for help in order to keep going.

This gameplay lets you enjoy almost one hundred different phases in which you’ll run into progressively more complex challenges. Plus, as is the norm in this type of game, when you join more than three identical pieces you can get bombs and 'fireworks' which can blow up boxes without having to join them the regular way.

These puzzles, however, are only part of the game. The other part of Fishdom Harvest Splash lets you manage your own aquatic park in which you can create different structures and win different types of materials. Basically, a sort of underwater management game.

Fishdom Harvest Splash is a puzzles game (mixed in with some management) in which players will run into a very similar addictive gameplay to Candy Crush. The best part, however, is that the game looks really good and is completely free.
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